1. travelininstyle

    Fulda Winter Tyres for Sale 7-8mm Tread

    Thought I would offer these 'nearly new, Fulda Kristall Control HP Winter Tyres for sale,before they hit either Ebay/Pistonheads.Cost £480 for a set of 4 - these are 225/45R17 91H Speed. Only went on once between December 2011 and February 2012.Collection only,unless you live within a 25-30 mile...
  2. Birdman

    Fulda Carat Exelero

    I'm running Goodyear Eagle F1's. Checking out the ratings at mytyres.co.uk the Fulda Carat Exeleros come out ahead of the Eagle F1's on noise, comfort and wear. Has anyone had experience of these Fuldas?
  3. culpano

    Tyre test : Michelin Pilot Sport v Fulda Carat Extremo

    Just had four new tyres fitted. Fronts - 225/45/R17 Rears - 245/40/R17 They are Fulda Carat Extremo's Total cost £330. The Michelin's which I've just replaced were horribly noisy on anything other than the newest surface. On some surfaces it emitted a loud booming sound. Awful...
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