1. ivandraganov

    Air con non functional

    As stated above my air con stopped functioning,there is around 4 bar pressure checked via the low side non running.There is oil on the condenser,and I thing that need replacing.Any advice for part number and where is the best to get it from,car is w203 cdi 2001...cheers
  2. W

    W221 S Class - COMMAND not functional - no audio but nav works

    Hi all, Basically I hadn't driven the car for a couple of weeks, and the batteries probably ran a bit low. It took much longer than usual to start and lots of warning lights were on, but after a blip of the throttle they were gone. However, the COMMAND hasn't been right since. - In...
  3. S

    Functional cv?

    I need to write a cv and have been told that functional instead of chronological cv is the way to go to stand any chance of it being looked at. I know some of your guys have got new jobs within the last 18 months. Did you do a functional cv? Thanks.
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