1. ricardo62

    1999 e 320 avant garde reliability diesel

    ok basically can any of my learned colleagues tell me if the aforesaid vehicle has any known weaknesses in its design ,that I should look out for . is it reliable and also can anyone enlighten me as to what the strange knurled plastic screw with a crescent shaped plastic window is on the side of...
  2. F

    W203 Mercedes C220 Cdi avante garde SE

    I bought this just before Xmas, had a few problems which tainted its ownership for while, but with the help of benza autos in Birkenhead and the garage I bought it from its all sorted now. The garage fixed the broken CD player (cost £144) sent it to a auto gearbox specialist who drained the...
  3. A

    W211 270 CDi Avant Garde

    W211 270 CDi auto tiptronic (52 plate) with 99k on clock. It's metallic racing green (Alexandrina) Avant Garde spec with cream leather. Apart from all the usual luxury Avante Garde spec – tinted windows etc – it has panoramic sunroof with two solar panels, superb 13 speaker six CD system...
  4. sal1m

    newbie c220 cdi avant garde

  5. R

    Rear discs/pads on my E320cdi estate 2000 Avante Garde

    I have examined the rear pads and found that the outer pads are nearly completely worn and the inner pads are only half worn. The inner side of each disc feeling rough to the touch and possibly rusty ? Does this mean the caliper pistons are seized on the inside ? Any advice would be much...
  6. Munkee

    WANTED: W124 Avant Garde Grille

    I am looking for a new unused chrome Avant Garde front grille (or similar) for my W124 (facelift model). If you have one to sell or know someone who does then please send me a photo of it. Otherwise if you know of a good company that sells such products at a much cheaper price compared to MB...
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