1. tron


    I have a Dell xp laptop with a clean install, the second computer I have bought in order to install Carsoft. I have the Carsoft 7.4 unit and the disc that came with it. I have been trying for two years to get Carsoft to load and, two computers in, am in need of somebody else to get it up and...
  2. Howard

    Techno Geek Christmas Pressie :cool:
  3. grober

    A Geek Anthem

    Found this little gem on UTUBE :D :D :D George Formby eat your heart out!!
  4. F

    Ignition sense wire for Geek . IMAGE HEAVY!!! Non broadband need not apply

    Hi dude , here are the pickies for the ignition sense wire . Its the black on with the yellow stripe up it. I just scotch blocked onto it and it works like a dream. I just took mine from the glovebox light as it was closest , but , this one is good too. if you Get stuck , get back to me...
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