1. S

    Any mobile phone geeks out there?

    looking for help please cause I havent got a clue I have a iphone 3g jailbroken:o old I know:D I was given it. Had to get it opened so I could use it here. I was told by the people that jailbroke it NEVER update it. A year ago after it was jailbroken it was great no probs. Now...
  2. Spinal

    Any boxing geeks here?

    After another game of Wii Boxing, I decided that boxing was a good workout to add to my gym routine. I've ordered some hand-wraps, but am unsure about gloves... I'm planning on using the gym's bag, which (I'm guessing) is a "heavy bag" ? (its a cylindrical thing handing from a bracket on the...
  3. Spinal

    Calling all Geeks!

    If you have had a stressfull day at work, click on the link now... LINK Otherwise, wait until that next user comes in/calls/etc saying that their "computer just stopped working" or that "a window popped up and I clicked yes, but I can't remember what it said".... Probably my favorite is the...
  4. jimmy

    Geeks Corner

    I have been preparing a sales presentation and dug up some interesting facts about brakes that are quite incredible. 1. To bring a typical family car to a complete stop from 50mph would create enough energy to boil 2 litres of water in 3 seconds! 2. To stop a HGV from the same speed creates...
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