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  1. E270 Owner

    Shpock Experiences good/bad

    Good Hi Been using this app for a short while. So far all is good seems to be a fairly honest few transactions using PayPal and bank transfer so far but only on small amounts under £20.00 via the post/courier. I know the point of it is for local purchases but my transactions were...
  2. brens-e200

    going to look at a w210 2.8 engine good/bad

    hi all i'am going to look at a 2000 w210 2.8 with 130k on the clock and while i'am familiar with the running and suspension gear of the w210 having owned 2 previously I was wondering what issues are there with the 2.8 engine ( as its a 2000 model would i be right in saying its an M112...
  3. S

    Good/bad motor dealers.....

    Is there a thread where we can post experiences that we've had with dealers? I'm keen to tell people to stay away from a dealer that I'm currently having a very bad time with. I'd hate for anyone else to be ripped off by him.
  4. uumode

    Engine flushing after oil draining - good/bad?

    The guy who used to service my cars said engine flushing solutions (referring to my COMMA brand) said it was bad to flush the engine. Another place recommends that the engine is flushed with after an oil drain and before the new oil is put in...
  5. M

    Snooper SR6 Neo Good/Bad?

    I have read various threads here about the latest Snooper and I like the sound of it. However when asking my local supplier he said that it was c$%p particularly the you could not see the screen and that it took 20 mins to works the GPS properly, but suprise suprise...guess what he didn't...
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