1. stwat

    2017 ARCH KRGT-1- Jay Leno's Garage; Celebrity Gossip Inside

    Has Keanu been sniffing the white powder before this interview? He certainly seems more animated than he ever has been in any of his acting roles,, https://youtu.be/WJsjZhTJWjM
  2. csx355

    Vito 120 Dualiner - news views and gossip

    Hi all new to this forum - looking to purchase a new Vito 120 Dualiner compact with toys and would welcome any first hand experience of what life with one is like. The usual sort of stuff - Are the Comand / Parktronic options worth having? / Tyre wear issues / average fuel consumption etc. /...
  3. glojo

    4 x 4 Gossip

    One of our neighbours loves to have the latest in 4 x 4's It started with the BMW X5 which they kept for about 18 months, then they purchased the Porsche Cayanne which has now been replaced with the Range Rover Sport. The Porsche only lasted 6 months and they were not impressed at all. The...
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