1. tron


    Body needs tlc and a good ding man but it has a year's ticket , four good boots, 108,000 miles and it is an Azurite blue S202 250TD Elegance. A/c is u/s and the upholstery is cloth but it is a good place to start from and structurally very sound at first glance. Over 1000 miles spent on...
  2. developer


    So yesterday a car approaches me and my boys as we are walking along the road. The driver flashes his lights and the passenger window drops. Being a helpful chappie I approach the window and stoop down, assuming the driver wants directions. At this point I notice a pink pig being held by...
  3. Pontoneer

    Gotcha !

    I was up in Aberdeen at the weekend visiting my father-in-law , who is recovering from an operation . I was amused to see this in the hospital car park :D It is good to see that illegal vehicles , which could cause untold problems for other motorists if involved in a crash with them , are...
  4. R


    Got flashed (?) by a forward facing Truvelo last night! I didnt think Truvelo's flashed but used infa red or ground sensors (?) . Allow 4 days extra for a bank holiday so I guess I'm on an eighteen day countdown :(
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