1. T

    W204 opinions on grilled please ( pics added )

    Hi lads, Can you please advise me which grill you think looks better. I have a preferred pick but just wanna see what others think also.
  2. salesac1

    So this is where W202s go for their grilled breakfast

    :eek::eek: Shopper having breakfast escapes death as car ploughs into him through cafe window | Mail Online Can't believe there's NO mention of the damage to the car.... ;).
  3. sym

    Bagged & Grilled

    Well I'm a happy bunny .... for now ! Have had my airbag replaced with Chrome-Star version (acquired incredibly cheaply on eBay at a tenth of MB price - what a stroke of luck!) and fitted MB Avantgarde Grille (bought from - who also did me a great...
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