1. J

    Need Advice on Dehumidifiers

    My lounge is in some serious need of drying out. A friend brought round one of those detector things and apparently my relative humidity is way too high (75%) which is why we have lots of mould problems. Does anyone have experience buying a dehumidifier? Any advice would be welcome. I'm looking...
  2. brucemillar

    On growing a beard (or attempting to do so).

    Folks Some time back (around Christmas 2016) I decided to try and improve on what, many will know) is almost impossible to improve...... My facial look. The plan was simple. I should grow a beard. I didn't want an extravagant beard, or one that would resemble Captain Birdseye, who always...
  3. L

    I hate growing old!

    Decided to spend today, until rain stopped play, doing a thorough valet on the wife's recently acquired SLK. Gave the leather a really good deep clean, followed by a liberal dose of hide food, then moved on to the rubber seals, scrubbing them with Back to Black, finishing with Gummi Pflege...
  4. A

    Who's growing a beard

    My two sons are growing beards, they seem to be in these days? Anyway I'm a very immature 52 year old that's never grown a beard before so thought I would have one to, well let me tell you the wife hates it and has stopped all sex till its gone :D so now it's a battle of wills, sex pffffff who...
  5. ioweddie

    growing up
  6. JohnEclass

    Growing potatoes!

    Well having spent some cash at Elite Car Care, I decided to give the CLK a much needed deep clean. Wheels first jet washed then dodo juice mellow yellow and rinse, then onto bodywork Surfex HD (Diluted) sprayed on and rinsed, then Snow foam (Last of the have Bilt Hamber).....then hand...
  7. V12

    Fast growing garden hedge?

    What's a good sturdy fast growing hedge that I can use to replace the old wooden fence?
  8. D

    C200 is growing on me

    The more i drive the Merc the more i like it - Coming from a 3.0 Senator it is taking some getting used to. The senator was instant power whilst the Merc needs winding up not sure wether throttle pedal needs adjusment it seems to travel a fair way before anything happens and also seems rather...
  9. R

    Growing popularity

    I am impressed that on the 7th of January we had our busiest day ever, with 1168 people visiting the forum. Even to-day its over 1000 so far.
  10. BaldGuy

    Growing Icicles!!

    Well here are my growing by the day icicles..... Funny how I dont get any post anymore....must be scared of being speared!!! My outdoor fridge... The local gypsys have gone up in the world!!
  11. Gareth

    My growing collection of Ferrari (BBR) Exotica

    F430 Spider Tan Medium Leather Base 04/10 Worldwide F430 Scuderia Spider 16M with Italian Stripe Red Leather Base 04/15 Worldwide F430 Scuderia Red Leather Base Enzo Red Leather Base 11/20 Worldwide California Red Leather Base 30/40 Worldwide F430 Carrozzeria Scaglietti Red Leather Base...
  12. Spinal

    Fastest Growing Creeper?

    This is acutally linked to my underground water-tank idea... it's progressing well, but I do need to "hide" an IBC (the one connected to a downpipe). Water will then flow from this one to the underground tanks... Problem is, being bright white with a metal cage (and having a warning sign...
  13. splang

    A growing community

    Wow - I am amazed that the most users ever was at around 7.00am!! Most users ever online was 369, 29-05-2005 at 06:58 AM. I was just wondering if the mods have a history of the most users ever and when it has increased over the years? Just curious really :cool:
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