1. Brashy

    WANTED: CLK 02-06 Owners handbook.

    I am after the owners handbook for an 02-06 CLK w209, specifically the 270 CDI but I think the handbooks cover all variants. Ideally with the wallet and other books intact. Regards Danny.
  2. AndyKO

    Owners Handbook

    Hey guys, Anyone on here sell owners handbooks for the '03 W211 E270 CDI? I've been sitting staring at all the buttons for the past hour and still haven't a clue what does what! :dk: Thanks
  3. F

    wanted service instruction hand book

    For my 2002 Ambiente V220 CDI automatic 01271 858354 we are North Devon EX37 9ED
  4. B

    R171 Handbook

    Hi, I've just bought a lovely SLK 200 but unfortunately there was no Handbook with the car, can anyone point me in the right direction to find a reasonable replacement please. I'm a newbie and I'm trying to get to grips with the forum. Thanks
  5. milleplod

    Read the handbook properly...!

    I spent a good half hour this morning trying to get the instrument cluster on my R500 to display outside temperature rather than KPH....round and round (and round....) in circles through the menus, getting more and more frustrated. Then I realised that the speedo only shows MPH increments, and...
  6. brucemillar

    W124 Estate Owners Handbook (1989)

    Folks Does anybody have, or know where I can get my hands on an Owners Handbook for a 124 Estate? If I am being really fussy - Mine is a 1989 - 300te 4-Matic Estate, without the side cladding. I have seen one on ebay from the USA, which they refer to as a "blue book" but with the postage etc...
  7. Pitts Pilot

    Got a W204 handbook? Help with a fuse!

    My centre cigarette lighter socket (next to the gear lever) has gone dead and I'm in France without my handbook :doh: If you have a C Class (W204) from year 2007 to 2014 could you let me know which fuse needs replacing, (I'm assuming it's the fuse...). Also, which fuse box? I've had a...
  8. S

    R129 owners handbook.

    Anyone have a spare/unused owners handbook that I could purchase for my 1994/5 R129 sl500?
  9. S

    R129 owners handbook.

    Hi; Does anyone have a spare or unused owners handbook for my newly purchased 1994/5 R129 SL500 that I could buy? Nothing on e-bay and no longer available at the dealers.
  10. Z

    R129 SL 500 owners handbook wanted

    If you have one I would be interested, it's a 1993 model
  11. Stratman

    W202 Keys & Owner's Handbook FREE!!!

    Free for collection, two keys*, one still with the original part number sticker, and an owner's handbook for a W202. The first person to PM me can collect them for free. I'm in Sunbury, about one mile from the London end of the M3. *Some say these keys can't be reprogrammed, others say...
  12. I

    A150 Handbook and SatNav

    I hope someone can help me, I have A150 2009 that came with a owners manual in German. I am looking for one in English or a soft copy. Anyone have one. Also need help with how to use theonline SatNav. I press the NAVI button, screen shows a compass and 3 options at the bottom of screen...
  13. C

    Does anyone know a link for E55 handbook

    Can anyone direct me to a link for E55 2005 handbook. I have a link to a US LHD but not a UK model RHD. Thank you
  14. Omega

    E270 CDI Handbook / Fixing clips ?

    Hi guys, My mate has just bought an E270 cdi (‘04 I think). He hasn’t got a handbook for it, so I said I’d ask on here if they are available. It doesn’t have to be brand new. I asked my local MB place about 2 weeks ago, but so far nothing. He also needs a couple of fixing clips, for the...
  15. B

    Online Handbook

    Up until recently i could log onto the mercedes website and click on an online version of the suitable handbook for my car. I tried today and that option seems to have vanished. Has anyone else had the same issue? I have a paper copy but find the online version easy to search sometimes and...
  16. L

    Dpf C class What does the handbook say?

    I am buying. C 220cdi. I have read all sorts of stuff about the dpf and looking after them. But can someone quote what MB say from a recent 204 C class handbook Thanks
  17. D

    Drivers handbook?

    Rumour has it you could enter you VIN into the MB website and get a PDF but been there and could only see current models. I found a link elsewhere to a US version but I'm after the UK one. Have I missed something on the official site? I've a C200K Coupe on a 52 plate. Thanks folks
  18. MBhowden

    w124 driver handbook

    Just purchased a W124 (1993 CE220 coupe) does anyone know where I might be able to download a handbook or does anyone have one? I looked on ebay but nothing there and even for other models they are silly prices. Also I'd like to know if the mirrors can fold back when parking, I cant find any...
  19. S

    WANTED: Mercedes Handbook Wallet

    As per title as cheap as possible please! ;)
  20. C

    WANTED W123 24v estate owners handbook

    Looking for the complete wallet with all the associated booklets.
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