1. D

    Your top three driving pet hates...

    Another thread's just reminded me of one of my motoring pet peeves so I thought it might be good to start a thread to let of a bit of steam about yours too... Mine are (and in no particular order): Misuse of fog lights e.g. turning them on when it rains. Everyone sitting in the right...
  2. 230K

    List your pet hates of motorists

    Hi Could you please list your top pet hates (as many or as little as you like) that other motorists do that annoy you most. Apologies if there was a similar thread before. My top 10 are: 1. Parking on the wrong side of the road at night with headlights on (taxi drivers seem to be the worst...
  3. shorty

    My car really hates me

    Well my car let me down again last night :mad: While I was driving home the enine suddenly stoped , all the lights came on .I let coasted to a stop then tried to restart it , but when I turned the key to crank the engine the engine would not turn . I got the car recovered and tried to turn...
  4. W210 Fan

    This guy hates Senna,

  5. M

    The wife hates me............

    .........because she thinks I'm turning into the father in law!
  6. P

    My car hates me

    After spending the best part of £500 on it yesterday she's bunged a window regulator this morning. THIS is why I call her Christine.
  7. oldcro

    Pet hates

    One of my (many) pet hates. I've been seaching for a Freeview HD pvr, and often in the adverts description is "MASSIVE 320GB HDD".:doh: Now you cannot get a massive 320GB hard drive, unless the actual hard drive is the size of a chest of drawers. Which is not what they mean as the size of...
  8. Shude

    Motoring hates, the complete catalogue

    I think it's time we had a full list of all our motoring hates. I'm talking about specific pieces of bad driving that annoy people. Later we can see which ones are popular and vote for the all-time, most-hated motoring activity. My current favourite motoring grump: LAST MINUTE MORONS...
  9. F

    My cat hates you

    lo , check this out go to the bathroom beforehand to ensure you don't leave a puddle :) http://www.mycathatesyou.com/
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