1. D

    Service History

    Just bought my first Merc:- January 98 SLK 230 with 28000 miles in great condition. Up to now it's services have been carried out at MB dealers. I have been quoted £200 & £400 for the 2 types of services. I can carry out basic servicing (oil/filters/breaks /suspension) myself . At the age of the...
  2. grober

    comprehensive history of the 190/C class models

    Theres a comprehensive history of the " C CLASS" models from the 190 W201 to the present here. Lots of historic design detail. http://www.emercedesbenz.com/Mar07/12_Fond_Memories_A_Look_Back_At_The_History_Of_The_Mercedes_Benz_C_Class_1.html
  3. glojo

    Service history on main database

    I have often suggested that the service history of modern Mercedes-Benz might, or should be held on a main database. I have been told this does not happen, but I am still far from convinced. Today I contacted Mobilo on their European free-phone number and before arranging for a technician to...
  4. J

    Service History Printouts

    Hi My W202 has a full set of stamps from Puttocks/Tony Purslow in Guildford. Unfortunately I do not have any of the invoices so I have no idea what has been done except that the 80k service last year cost over £1000 so it must have been pretty comprehensive. Do you reckon I would be able to...
  5. A

    CLK 200k (W208) service history.

    Dear Members. I need your opinion. I bought a Jan 2002 51 plate CLK 200k last month from Mercedes of Doncaster over the internet. (I am in London) I totally relied on the description and assurances given to me by the dealer. The car has covered 55,000 and has all the services carried out...
  6. I

    Advice on buying an SLK with service history missing

    I'm a bit annoyed as I drove a 150 mile round trip to look at a 2000 W Reg SLK230 at an independent dealers. It was described as 44,000 miles with FSH and was priced at £11,000 I'm no mechanic but it looked OK to me. The paintwork was fine with no chips or dents and the only thing that I...
  7. badshot1uk

    Missing service history, can I find it?

    Hi all, A couple of weeks ago I brought my 300te 24 you see on the left. Its a great car and I am slowly putting her back on the straight and narrow and trying to sort her little problems out. I have some service history up to 126000 (mb) then nothing for 3 years or so until around...
  8. M

    Service history...

    :crazy: Hi guys, looking at another E320 CDI (w211) yes, they are great... Anyways, im looking at a car that has the service history which is stamped at Mercedes Benz of Herts, and of Mercedes of Edinburgh... only problem is that the stamps look a little 'home made'... anyone had a service at...
  9. S

    Tracing a Service History

    Hello to all Is there any way tracing a cars service history from the reg document if the service books are missing? Just planning on buying an ML320 only 55k miles on an x plate but can't find the service books :confused: Am wondering if this can be traced through an MB stealer or through...
  10. PJH

    120 years of motoring history

    BBC Link
  11. mickl

    anyone used the RAC history check before?

    do they use the same database as HPI?
  12. Rob77

    High mileage - no history - what's first?

    My motor has just over 100K recorded but judging by the state of the interior it has done more... and has no history whatsoever. I'll be putting it in to a mechanic to look over and service but is there anything I'd be recommended to do right away, or ensure that he does? I want to avoid...
  13. W

    Service History

    I have heard a rumour that if you give a Stealer your chassis number they can give you a print out of your service history. Having brought an ex-company car without the service book this would be quite useful. I do have a company spreadsheet listing all the spare parts used over the years...
  14. N

    1989 190E 2.5-16, 75,000 miles, FULL Service history.

    I have a very good 1989 190E 2.5-16 which is for sale. I've had it for nearly a year and am reluctantly selling because I don't use it enough. It's smoke silver/black half leather. The spec includes original 15 hole MB alloy wheels with excellent tyres, electric windows, electric tilt...
  15. B

    Cabriolet History Build

    I am trying to build a history file on the car I with to purchase. The car featured in an article in the August 2003 edition of Mercedes Enthusiast The HPI check does not go far enough into detail that I require so I am asking for help. The car is a blue Mercedes E320 Cabriolet sportline...
  16. M


    So the saga continues with the purchase of my SL 320 - the DVLA spot check has been done so the reg transfer can now take place. :bannana: The car was advertised as having 31k miles , which it showed when I did the test drive. I have a mate at a dealership who did me a favour printed...
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