1. B

    Summer hols

    Won't be needing the rear view mirror then!
  2. shorty

    summer hols

    Ive spent the past week in London on hoildays with my family , and it was great . I'd never been to london before and I really enjoyed being there . For next year where talking about visiting Ayrshire . When we where in London we spent a day in Thorpe park , it was fantastic , and the kids...
  3. SAFC

    Returning from Hols ...

    Fully expected my brakes to binding on after three and half weeks of being parked on a steep drive. This used to happen with my C220 (W202) but my W203 was no bother at all. Maybe it was just the type of brake shoes I had on the parking brake and roadwheel discs.....
  4. Stuart O

    fancy Capetown for hols

    anyone got a place to rent in Capetown ? fancy going back this Xmas time..would need to be 3/4 bedroom .. just a thought !! Stuart
  5. garystu1965

    Really sad question about items packed for hols !

    We are off to Singapore next week and cruising to Hong Kong via Thailand and Vietnam. The missus wants to pack our two little toy mutts (she won't go anywhere without them). We are a bit paranoid customs at Singapore will open the cases, see the mutts and slash them open looking for dodgy...
  6. A

    Back from Hols ML did well.

    Back from my Hols, Drove back from Annecy to Chester in one day (on Sunday) 854 miles plus the ferry... ML did great. Averaged around 25mpg and thought given the weight we were carrying and speed (85mph) with occasional quick blast (on the toll roads...) that was pretty good. (saw just short...
  7. mark.t

    Arghhhhhhhhhh the school hols

    hi kids have been off school for 3 days (feels like 3 years) wrecked the house ...my back has gone from picking things up ....to stop it from looking like a explosion from a toy factory....spent 9 trillion pounds already.....had 97 backchats....76 stomps ....47 whines...wish they were (wines red...
  8. L


    OK, I know this is not interesting but...I'm off for a week of R&R from Friday... 4 Palmers real ale houses within less than 1 mile and the brewery is only 3 miles away! After the last 9 months....I cant wait. As an up date to those that gave me help and advice on the job front.. The Sales...
  9. N

    Back from Hols

    Hi All, We just got back from our hols, and as the trusty c-class suffered from a failure I thought I'd post the details of the trip. It was this car's first long trip (in my hands) and I was really pleased with it. Basically We drove to Bordeaux, tooled around near the Dordogne for a...
  10. GrahamC230K

    May Bank Hols - National Kit Car Show

    A bit off topic for us Mercedes drivers perhaps, but it's bank holiday this weekend and this might just be something a little bit different to go and look at. The National Kit Car Motor Show @ Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire 2 - 3 May 04 Grosvenor Exhibitions Ltd 21 High Street...
  11. GrahamC230K

    My Hols in Gran Canaria and Mercs!

    Hi guys, Just back from my hols in Cran Canaria. It was 26-32 Deg. C if you were interested!   <img src="http://www.mbclub.co.uk/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':p'> Well I have been to similar locations plenty of times but never as much as a Mercedes...
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