1. Robdata

    Iam leaking

    Had a quick look under my 2013 C63 and found this leak. Cant see atm where it is coming from really. Looks like if the pan lid is sweating. Anybody else had this problem yet?
  2. D

    IAM Members

    Hi, I am currently looking at the Institute of Advanced Motoring and their courses/training. Is anyone on this forum a member of the IAM? If so, is it all it claims to be? Aside from "becoming a better driver", are there any other benefits e.g. Insurance premiums reduced etc? What...
  3. pjs

    IAM member insurance

    This might help a few of you out. As a very recent owner (well contract hirer) of a c250cdi, my insurance quotes were between £800 and £1000 (using confused, Merceded, Direct line, Privilege et all) . Current insurer Swiftcover dont do contract hire cars so had to move. So I tried the IAM...
  4. st13phil

    IAM Road Accident Contributory Factors Analysis

    The IAM have just published an analysis of contributory factors in road accidents as collected by the Police since 2005. It makes interesting reading and while the report is honest enough to point out that there are limitations inherent in the data, it really does bring into question why so...
  5. W

    I.A.M Jaguar diver: London to Bath in 1963

    In the days before the M4 JE82FZpq0qM How times have changed and not just how people speak :)
  6. grober

    IAM on Diesel Waxing

    With -20°C forecast in some parts of the UK, the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) is warning drivers of diesel cars to remember that their fuel can waxover in extremely low temperatures, which could damage the fuel filter and cause a breakdown. Neil Greig, IAM Head of Policy and Research...
  7. corned

    The I.A.M

    Bit of a grumble I'm sorry to say. Several weeks ago, I looked into the prospect of doing the Advanced Driver's course, or tuition, whatever it is called, and attempted to establish contact with the local IAM group. Disappointed to say that in 6 weeks, no one has bothered to respond! Is the...
  8. lynall

    IAM membership worth it?

    Posted on here a few months back regarding advanced driving courses, got some good ideas but couldnt find anyone local or accredited ie a piece of paper or certificate that actually means something. Then yesterday at the kent show saw the iam stand had a chat and they sound quite good and was...
  9. Spinal

    IAM: Worth it?

    Well, my DAS is tomorrow, and fingers crossed, I should have a full licence by soon enough! I've been considering joining the IAM - not for insurance reasons (a 10% discount on £400 works out to £40 - joining the IAM is £85 + £15 per observed ride so its cheaper to just be insured) but for...
  10. SimonsMerc

    IAM President receives driving ban for speeding

    "The Duke of Gloucester who is president of the Institute of Advanced Motorists has been banned from driving for six months for speeding." http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/cambridgeshire/4120545.stm
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