1. S

    Remapped, Slammed, Tinted, ICEd and Blinged - Stage 1 Mods

    After a lot of hard work by Andy Ice Cold, here is the first stage of my E55 modding.... Tints AMG Boot Lip Spoiler AMG Mats AMG Illuminated Sills Renntech Electronic Lowering Module 6" Rear Headrest Screens DVD Changer Hardwired Pogo Alert ...looking meaner, and...
  2. nickg

    Iced up windows on 129!!!

    Blimey it was cold this morning. So cold that I decided against biking it into work and thought I'd treat myself to driving in. Car (sl 129) was so iced up that the electric windows were frozen solid. This is bad news in an sl because the windows are supposed to drop half an inch when you...
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