1. ACID

    Eurocharged Supercharger Pulley Improved Design @ MSL

    This is the new Improved Design of the Supercharger Pulley. With the Issues that members have been having in the past are now sorted.
  2. C

    Upcoming Map Pilot update (improved safety cameras)

    Hi guys, I am using the Becker Map Pilot one year and some months ago I purchased the danger spot function. My feeling about how danger spot function works is really bad. The warning level is weak (similar to the phone noise when we receive an e-mail), do not give sign if overspeed, do...
  3. grober

    NISSAN NAVARA the improved version!

    Interesting little spat going on between EuRO NCAP and Nissan about the safety ratings for their NISSAN NAVARA pickup truck. Following revisions the new improved Navara 2008 now gets 3 stars instead of a "dodgy" 1 star but still no pole test...
  4. fabes

    Improved gearbox and model?

    Howdy Friend has been impressed by my Merc and is adding it to his list of three that he is looking at. He has a reasonable amount of cash - looking at a 2 year old type car - but dislikes automatics and has steered away from Mercs in the past due to the reputation of the manual gbox...
  5. grober

    New Improved Sniff Petrol.

    Yes it appears that "Sniff Petrol" is about to change format.:eek: I quite liked the old one :( but the trial prototype ----Lighter, faster, more economical, with 17 extra airbags!!!! is here
  6. MercedesBent

    new improved spark plugs?

    Interesting thread.... Genuine or snake oil?
  7. Goldfish11

    Diesel System Treatment - improved mpg on E220CDI?

    Just had my W211 E220CDI serviced for the first time. The dealer asked if I wanted to try some Fortron Diesel System Treatment (£8.50 plus VAT). They said it may increase the mpg, but as I monitor fuel carefully they needed someone to give it a go. Apparently it is Mercedes Approved. (They...
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