1. P


    Hi All, Just joined the forum. First time Mercedes buyer . Look forward to your inputs and advice.
  2. MBpetrolhead

    Newbie intro

    Hi all, just signing in, I've been a Mercedes driver all my days suppose I'd feel naked without at least one on the drive Currently running a 05 CLK 320 CDI but previous cars include C215 CL, 2.5-16 x2, 2.6 190e, w204 etc etc I do a bit of Instagram and hope to enjoy your hospitality.
  3. J


    I have already posted a few times but thought i'd introduce myself here. Currently own, C63 AMG W204 and CLS55 AMG
  4. Sam Plant

    New Member Intro

    I thought I should introduce myself and my A124 320. I've owned the car for 3 years now but have not had much opportunity for use due to work. But that has changed now and I am loving getting to know the car. 80k miles with a FSH and unmarked rare cloth interior. I'm only the 2nd owner a...
  5. B


    Hello all, Bob- recently bought a 2000 Cl 600. Regards. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  6. Priceless

    New Guy intro

    Hello All, Just a short intro post about myself, I have a W204 C220 CDi - great vehicle ! My hobbies include tinkering on older model cars, I have a MG-A and also a oldish motorcycle which I rebuilt and tour Europe with every now & then. I look forward to reading some great informative and...
  7. Hectors Dad

    Mornin'! Newbie Intro

    Mornin' All, Just a quick intro to say hello. I have been lurking for a few months and soaking up the amassed wisdom (or otherwise) of your good selves so thought it was time I put my toe in the water and got involved. I own a year old E220 BTec estate which is my first Merc after many an...
  8. D

    New Member Intro

    Hi guys, I have just joined the forum having just recently purchased a new (to me) CLS 320 CDI. It is my first Mercedes having spent the last 15 years or so driving BMWs but please don't hold that against me! Anyway hopefully I can contribute to the forum, I like to think I am quite...
  9. J

    Self intro

    CLS Register.
  10. D


    Hello from Dan new member with vito 111 dualiner
  11. E

    Newbie Intro. And A Question

    Hello everyone. A reasonably long mb owner here. Had G Wagens for maybe the past 10 or 12 yrs. with a W124 thrown in there for a while. Current G Wagen is a 463lwb with a 606 swap. We've had this one for around 8 years and it's no show car but is used for its intended purpose, plus a few...
  12. C

    New member intro

    I had an email today wishing me a Happy Birthday from MBClub. Thankyou MBClub.:bannana:
  13. E

    New Member Intro

    Hi all, New owner of Vito 113 Dualiner 2012 . Previous car was Citroen C5 Tourer. Allready impressed with the versatility and space of the Vito. I would like rear parking sensors fitted though. Any advice appreciated.
  14. K

    New member intro

    Hi all... newbie from Durban,South Africa.
  15. N

    Intro NGOK

    Hi Guys Thought I would say hello to all you MB fans from me in Cornwall. Just about to sell my beloved C180 Komp for a ML270 CDI, any top things to get checked out before I purchase the ML. It looks the biz but has a limited service history! Top tips as to what to look for would be...
  16. Notwen

    Hybrids - Intro

    I registered some time ago, but never got round to posting. I was researching information on the C36 model as I was looking to buy at the time. Plans and projects got in the way and it got kicked into the long grass. It never left my radar and slowly it has been climbing back up my list to...
  17. K

    Hi all. Quick intro from me.

    Hi all, I've just registered myself here and hope to get involved as much as my time permits. I am on a few other forums too so maybe I'll recognise a few of you too. I have a few of MB's finest starting with my 560 SEC which is totally immaculate save for a failed Becker Mexico which is what...
  18. N

    Newby Intro Post

    Hi All I have decided to join the MB club as I also have a Audi TT and have found that club handy. Live in Bangor North Down Northern Ireland. Not a mechanic by any stretch but can do the old oil change and minor service stuff. Hope this is as informative and helpful as the TT Club:thumb:
  19. L

    New Member Intro

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and new to Mercedes. I recently bought a C180K estate, when I had no intention of even buying a car that day; I was showing my brother around car dealerships local to me. What I can already say is that my purchase has proved to be a fortuitous one: I am very...
  20. A


    Hi, Quick introduction. I have had a few Mercedes in the past and been on here for a while but not really an "active" user. I have a 2006 S320 CDI (W221) which I love and is one of the most comfortable cars I have owned!! Cheers, Andy
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