1. wu56Shoozz

    Can I Introduce to you...

    "Overhang & Tail swing" They're not pigeons from "Valiant 2" but rather serious matters when driving a bus that many motorists don't seem to take into consideration when driving..they drive along in their own world oblivious to the fact that a bus or truck doesn't bend in the middle or able to...
  2. C

    Rude not to introduce myself

    Hello, new member who on the Jst July exchanged my C220 CDI Estate for a 2002 SL500. Having a few warranty issues, keyless go drivers/passenger door buttons not locking the car, but boot button works! All other keyless functions working. And a fuel Guatemala that reads full goes down to 1/2 as...
  3. S

    Sorry I didn't formally introduce myself

    Hi, as you may notice by the "Driving/Incidents/Roadrage" I have already become active, though for all the wrong reasons, so I thought that I had better introduce myself. I have a lovely looking C Class CDI Avantgarde sitting on my driveway not going anywhere. In the short period that it was on...
  4. G

    Time to introduce myself and my Mercs

    Hi everyone Ive been lurking for quite sometime but never really got around to being polite and posting an intro up until now. I'm Chris and have got 3 Mercs down here in Kent. A 1984 W123 230CE as my weekend runaround. Not in top condition but feels like it is probably the most reliable...
  5. wongl

    Poll: TFL to introduce ULEZ in 2020

    Just received an email from TFL about their plans to introduce an Ultra Low Emission Zone in 2020 using the existing Congestion Charge boundary. The charge for vehicles failing to meet their ULEZ level will be £100/day for HGV and £12.50/day for Cars/Van/Bikes. This will be on top of the CC fee...
  6. lisa110rry

    Please allow me to introduce myself...

    Isn't the next line of that song "I'm a man of wealth and fame"? Well I'm nothing like that, for a start, not a man, and certainly have neither wealth nor fame. However, I have recently bought a ridiculously cute 1999 SLK 230 Kompressor (why do I always say that last word in my head as if I'm...
  7. M

    Time to introduce,,,

    Hi everyone,,, I have been a member of the site for a little while and managed to obtain enough info to enable me to be confident with my next car purchase, my wife runs a SLK 230 Komp manual on an 03 and I loved driving it until I had a stroke last year which means it is more comfortable and...
  8. A

    Suppose Id better introduce myself

    Hi, I'm Alan and I have a C350CDI. I'm hoping you guys might be able to help me with a couple of little niggles I have occasionally and to post some little fixes I have done :)
  9. B

    best introduce myself I suppose

    Hi, been lurking for years now and have gone through many many mercs. Currently living in have got two appropriate vehicles for the countryside. W211 E320 estate and W209 e320 cabriolet. Anyway...thought I'd say hello before I post a question for the w211. All the...
  10. M

    Already made a post but thought Id introduce myself.

    Im Mike and I live in the SE London / NW Kent area. Ive just recently purchased a 2000 W208 CLK 320 and love it. 70k on the clock, black and in very good condition. All the best.
  11. crockers

    MB introduce a 2 year used car warranty..

    2 years warranty or 2 years servicing..
  12. E

    Allow me to introduce myself

    Hi all, I've had a Mercedes 2.5 190D for almost a year now. I was a Vauxhall man before (had many a GTE 16v), but turned to running cars on Waste Vegetable Oil, which led me first to Peugeot and the on to Mercedes. I am very impressed by the car I must say, if only for what a joy it is to work...
  13. grober

    AA introduce a new wrong fuel rescue service.

    Some details of a new AA emergency service for motorists who have inadvertantly filled up with petrol instead of diesel. COST:- £176 for AA members £200 for non members might get some folks out of a jam! :eek...
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