1. developer

    .png photos to JPEG

    Can it be done? - I want to upload some photos to a site, but they must be jpeg and are currently .png (mobile phone). Thanks :thumb:.
  2. glojo

    jpeg and e-mail

    My sister uses Incredimail for sending and receiving e-mails. This program is very similar to Outlook and has been working perfectly for a number of years. Yesterday I sent her a jpg picture and it refused to open. There is nothing wrong with the file and to test this, I posted the picture...
  3. glojo

    Viewing jpeg's on TV

    Is there a DVD player that accepts DVD's or CD's and shows jpeg pictures directly onto a TV. My 80yr old mother is on about buying a lap top solely to view pictures that my brother sends over from New Zealand and she is NOT capable of even switching on a lap top computer let alone work one...
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