1. mr tibbs

    Anyone live near Kettering with a W210?

    Hi all Is there anyone living near Kettering Northants that owns a W210 estate, that would mind letting me test my rear wiper motor on their car. I am pretty certain that my wiring is good, but I have tried a replacement wiper motor on our car and it doesn't work. The seller, Mercman, has asked...
  2. pills12

    mb kettering

    mercedes benz closing kettering branch this weekend
  3. sym

    Summer GTG - 20th June - Kettering - Post here if you are coming

    Just to give us a rough idea of how many cars to expect, please would you post in this thread if you are planning to attend the Summer GTG. Please use the original thread started by Jimmy to discuss anything else about the GTG. ---> Click Here We will then edit this post on a regular...
  4. Fudger

    Kettering GTG pics

    Guys, finally got a film developed that had a few GTG pics so here they are. My CLK430 before the off Here are your babies!
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