1. jaymanek

    1990 Mercedes W126 SEC Petrol Kiddies Car Restoration

    This SEC was mentioned on here and it had to be bought, especially as I now have two young boys... One is now 3 years old and already a massive petrol head. Also got this recently but a petrol one is way cooler...
  2. D

    Rare 500SEC Kiddies petrol car!

    Will be interested to see what this fetches..... Doubt it was as expensive as the what the vendor has suggested when new.... Mercedes SEC SL500 Harrods Agostini 1/2 Kids Petrol Car Tot Rod...BARN FIND... | eBay
  3. Quincy_W140

    Kiddies Car Seats

    Hi, It is nearly time -- after a long process and plenty of tears, me and Mrs Quincy are nearing the end of our adoption journey... 3 littluns under that age of 5 all in one hit... ETA mid-April :eek: Sooo... the question to the panel is about kiddies car seats of which I know nothing other...
  4. High-Lo

    Kiddies Car Seats

    Is it generally considered safe for a child around 1-2 years old to sit in a forward facing baby car seat secured in the front passenger seat? I have just found out that it is perfectly legal but just need to know if its considered safe as my wife isn't too comfortable with it. BTW this is...
  5. Howard

    Cool....... one for the kiddies Could be their first merc ......
  6. High-Lo

    Kiddies Bank Account

    Need to set up a bank account for my newborn daughter. Any recommendations as to which Bank to go with? Also is there a minimum age before an account can be open? Thanks in advance, Steve
  7. jimmy

    Kiddies Seat

    Probably too late but I remember someone asking or looking for a genuine MB chid seat. Ebay Link
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