1. D

    W203, C klasse, Cdi engines.

    Hello there, I`ve read horror stories concerning camdrive chains stretching/snapping etc. Cdi 200; 220, 270 engines. Which are fitted with a single chain and which are fitted with a duplex chain? and which years if changes have been made? Still running my trusty e300 td (duplex); but `er...
  2. martyp87

    Klasse Series Automotive - Edinburgh & West Lothian

    Well, I'm not one for leaving feedback even after a good experience but this is completely different. I turned up to the shop and spoke to the owner, Colin Nicol and realised this wasn't your normal MB indy. My CL was heavily modified with the Weistec supercharger and I turned up with...
  3. P

    Engine running signal on New V klasse W447

    Hi where can i found engine running signal wire on a new V klasse W447. It's to activate a relay when engine is running only. A have a large data base with other signals from different EU cars and truck so if you need something send me a Mail.
  4. R

    Water in trunk of C Klasse , W203

    Hi, i have a w203, 2001. Today was raining and when i opened my trunk i noticed that the lining from the bottom part of the right side "pocket", behind the back wheel arch was wet. I pulled out the lining and i checked the walls around thinking that the water has to infiltrate from somewhere...
  5. christopherwk

    Klasse of Fulham - Recommended?

    Has anyone been there? Just wondering, as they're not too far from me. Any recommendations, or do they charge typical London labour rates?
  6. mike c200

    Fs:oem armrest w202 c klasse

    Hi I got soon 2 armrests for sale for a c class w202 I can bring them to the uk in march if anyone is intersted. pic from a oem armrest Like this one on the pic Greetingz, mike
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