1. Nasco12

    What's the deal with Kompressors?

    Yes, yes, I know they're Mercedes's name for super-chargers. And I know Mercedes started introducing them about 10 years ago. And I know it's made a mess of the nomenclature with a 230K having a 1.8. But why were they introduced? What does a Kompressor do that a bigger engine does not? And why a...
  2. Baron_Samedi

    Are Kompressors engaged full time?

    Just wondering if pootling around (wafting as it were) would cause the Kompressor to spin?
  3. guydewdney

    stoopind question - vacuum connection on Kompressors?

    if an engine is super/turbocharged - where does the vacuum for the brakes etc come from? the same as diesels? as in a pump on an alternator? im thinking of supercharging the 6.9 (with 5psi or so) - but as the plenum chamber would be above atmospheriuc pressure, things like the vac control...
  4. Limited Edition

    No more Kompressors for AMG

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