1. Mr E

    Laddo lands apprenticeship

    I've just realised that I hadn't passed on this news... My lad finished his NVQ3 in Vehicle Engineering in the middle of last year and has been scouring the locality looking for an apprenticeship in a workshop. He saw an ad on the lamp-post(!) outside the local VW dealership and dropped his...
  2. trapperjohn

    F111 Lands - Wheels up.

    I know quite a few of you guys love your planes and I had not seen this before.
  3. snoop51

    500KG Shark Lands on boat

    Gulp:crazy::crazy: BBC News - Today - 500kg shark 'lands in boat'
  4. Mudster

    The credit crunch lands at my door.

    A couple of weeks ago we had our bank manager in to see us to extend our facilities to get through all the nonsense that's currently going on. As a wholesale supplier of stone tiles and granite counter tops to the industry we've been heavily hit by the collapse of MFI and the slowdown in...
  5. wobbly

    Pilot lands with one wing.

    Give the man a prize!! Incredible.:cool:
  6. Shude

    Car lands in home's upper floor Erm, how? :)
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