1. T

    learnt something new today

    Got caught on camera driving in bus lane in Cambridge, didn't know you can get fined, let alone photographed. Can't deny the evidence so had to cough up, will know next time.
  2. H

    Lesson learnt - insurance

    So, back in Nov 2014 I had a slight knock with another car whilst reversing out of my drive. The other car was parked and whilst I reversed I knocked the side of their bumper slightly. Damage - nothing that couldn't be easily t-cut/buffed out. But a scratch nevertheless. Decision was made by...
  3. Thmsshaun

    Lesson Learnt!

    Been away over to Jersey for a few days and thought what better place to leave my car than with my uncle. A nice private drive locked up out the way in a quiet village. It has to be safer than works car park or on the street at my house surely? Well my uncle reversed his Discovery...
  4. Iyse

    Nightmare, with a lesson learnt

    I was just coming back from Mercedes in Coventry with parts for my latest mod when I went round a roundabout, not particularly fast, and heard a thud which seemed to be coming from my boot. There was nothing in my boot at the time, so I thought nothing of it. Just before I hit another corner I...
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