1. W

    Daddy Long Legs In My Headlamp

    Hi All, I have recently acquired a W211 1.8 Komp - Few niggly things are getting under my skin hence the tittle of this thread. See pic attached - Ive looked and I don't know how to get this fellow out :dk:. I though it was as simple as taking out the bulb and hoovering him out but it seems...
  2. D

    suspension legs

    Hi guys just gone for MOT and recommended change front suspension struts, I was just wondering what other models can I use mine is a c180 w202 97 P reg. Thanks for any advice.......:dk:
  3. A

    longer legs for an slc ??

    Hi there, I have a 350slc chassis 107.023 engine 116.982/4 it currently runs the original 3 speed box but I'm wondering if there is an easyish swap for a 4 speed box and would it improve cruising performance and perhaps fuel economy? thanks
  4. developer

    The woman with 17 stone legs.

    Wow, if you think you've got problems, have a look at the poor poor woman (Mandy) on Channel 5 now :(.
  5. R

    giving a w202 longer legs

    hi there got a w reg c250td manuel saloon currently running a little bit more than stock power with upped fueling is there a diff off another model w202 auto maybe or estate ? or a diffrent model altogether that will up my gear for more speed per gear ? and will swap straight over cheers
  6. Howard

    AMG suspension legs, calipers and discs

    Can anyone understand the wording of this advert ? Perhaps he has written it through a translator ..... :rolleyes: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=10398&item=4564219956&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW
  7. KillerHERTZ

    CAT on last legs

    For about 1 month, when ever I acelarate, Ive been hearing a rattling from under by car. When to my local garage (who are the greatest :) ) and discovered that the cat was loose. My mechanic has sercured it in place, but reckons its only got a short time left until I need a new one, and said...
  8. K

    Short Legs

    Hello everyone. I have just bought my E300 TD estate Auto and everything is great except for one small niggle. There is no steering wheel adjustment on this model and after getting the best driving position (for me) I find that I am having to stretch to comfortably depress the throttle. I am a...
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