1. b1g1an

    CTEK MXS 5.0 on Amazon Lightening deal till 2pm

    Best price it's been for a while... Excellent bit of kit and the recon once a year function really helps keeping the convenience functions message away.

    Grease Lightening

    Hi Has anyone used the Grease Lightening waterless car spray solution(on the ideal world shopping channel) and if so how have they found it. Thanks Chaz
  3. Carrotchomper

    UK Passport and wallet lightening service

    Folks, I have finally got around to filling in the form to renew my passport, having realised it runs out in a couple of months, and I am bound to miss out on some last minute trip of a lifetime if I don't (Not that I have been on any sort of foreign holiday, barring Scotland, in about...
  4. PJH

    Lightening strikes Gatso !!!

    Just read in Autocar that Lightening struck a Gatso last week, west bound on the M4. :D :bannana: :D
  5. Koolvin


    found this on BNZsport, thought i'd share!
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