1. Satch

    Zimbabwe: Lion Mauls Woman to Death as She has Sex with Lover

    Right you lot: no more moaning about your bad luck with thermostats, uneven tyre wear etc. Zimbabwe: Lion Mauls Woman to Death as She has Sex with Lover - IBTimes UK
  2. KillerHERTZ

    A Lion on an SLS

  3. nigel cross

    Apple mountain lion

    Has anyone upgraded their Imac to mountain lion? Was it worth while? Did your performance increase?
  4. O

    Mac OS X Lion

    What a waste of £20.99!!, all it has done is made my MBP run slower and take up more space on it, also I can't get all the software that I had before working correctly, the reverse scrolling thing is a pain too. Is there any way to go back to Snow Leopard?. The only good thing about it is I...
  5. nigel cross

    Apple lion problem with excel

    A problem has occurred since my upgrade to lion. When I open a word or excel document, t doesn't open the one I'm after but the last one I looked at. But if i chose the open document and then close excel it works ok, looks like an issue with the open save new app
  6. crockers

    Since Lion Sophos is picking up threats.

    Since I have upgraded to Lion I have had three warnings from Sophos of threats. Never had one before in all the time I have been running Snow Leopard. The threats are Mal/Oficia-A and Mal/Phish-A I was on Apples website when they flashed up. Has anyone had this happen? What are these? Thought...
  7. ironsheik

    Apple Release OSX Lion.

    Apple have today released OSX Lion today.. Available on the App store.. OS X Lion on the Mac App Store Anybody downloaded it yet or is about to, post your initial thoughts about it here..
  8. crockers

    OSX Lion

    I see that this is now available. Has anyone downloaded it? Is it worth it?
  9. E CLASS

    Lion 'mauls' toddler...

    ...through the glass. BBC News - Fearless toddler's encounter with lion Wonderful!
  10. High-Lo

    3 x Lion King tickets for tonight 19:30 Lyceum London

    Gutted as my daughter has been looking forward to this for months but has been unwell for a week now. So we have 3 x tickets for The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre London up for grabs for tonights 07:30PM performance (sitting in the Royal Circle L32,L33,L34). £47.50 face value x 3 (£142.50...
  11. Satch

    Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight

    Shock! Horror! Complete fake of course but still fun to have open on your PC and mug the foolish!
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