1. R1der

    Parts lists online

    The link that used to get to the russian parts catalogue seems to be dead, does anyone know of a working one ? The one I used is Help
  2. V

    Model list identification

    Hi All, I read on here all sorts of good information but must confess you have all lost me. As a newbie I haven't a clue as to what you are all on about when you mention W123, W456 etc. All I know is that a have a R320 CDI SWB - I wasn't aware that I had a W.... anything. Help me out here...
  3. ringway

    Price lists. Convert trade to retail easily?

    A few of our price lists are "Trade Only" and I'd like to convert these to retail if possible. Is it possible to say, scan the trade lists and increase the prices without inputting each figure individually? I seem to recall something about optical recognition but I wouldn't know how to go...
  4. J

    Parts Lists on PDF?

    Hi I joined this in December and not posted until now. Does anyone know if Parts Lists for W210 & W208 are available as pdfs on line? Also I'm after a sales brochure for a CLK430 Cabriolet. Also, again, does anyone have a light grey leather and birdseye maple steering wheel for a...
  5. coupe deville

    Do dealers sell customer lists ?

    I got a pair of front springs for the coupe from a Dealer couple of weeks ago, first time I have ever been in a Mercedes Dealership, and now I am getting mail from Investment brokers advising me what's best for my money [what money :( ]. Am I being paranoid or do they sell customer lists in the...
  6. Ian_C

    Price Lists

    Anyone know of a net resource which has Mercedes prices lists from different years so we can all tell what options a car had when new and how much it/they cost.... Cheers Ian
  7. A

    Ignore Lists

    After rectanly being abused on the forum how can I set it to ignore certain users (you know who you are)? ;)
  8. Ron

    GTG Lists ?

    Apart from the obvious Summer GTG next week. Is there a list of forthcomming GTG's anywhere, area or model specific. Or, aren't there anymore ?
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