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    CL500(W215) Wont lock/unlock from remote

    Hi My CL500 wont lock or unlock from the remote & the keyless go has stoped working. It will unlock with the emergency key and starts & runs fine, it will lock/unlock from the dash buttons. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    RF lock/unlock works in cold weather only ?

    Hello all, Problem RF lock/unlock misbehaving I am reduced to locking/unlocking my car via IR only, for a while now. However, recently as the cold weather has arrived the RF suddenly has started to work again but only if the temperature outside or inside the car remains at or roughly below...
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    W203 - Folding wing mirrors when you lock/unlock

    Hi all, Does any know a way to get the mirrors on a W203 to fold in/ out when the car is locked and unlocked (by the key fob). I have checked the settings on the instrument cluster for the option, but unfortunately it’s not present. Does this need to be programmed by STAR? Any help...
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    W203 boot won't open

    The boot won't open on my w203 2001 C220. Is there anyone who can help me assess what's going on? Yesterday I went to open the boot, using the handle on the boot in the usual way. The usual whirring sound happened (sounds like an electric motor) but the click that usually follows didn't...
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    Lock/Unlock Signal Wire W202

    Is there a signal wire that could be used to switch a relay/alarm when the car is locked with the original MB keyfob/key on my W202? Thanks Paul
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