1. guydewdney

    Silly neighbours 'manager' dispute

    Not really a dispute - more of a silly ar$e problem.... Not sure how we shoudl tackle this - so advice re next move appreciated. Story / circumstances:- We own a water mill, which now, after several years very hard work and a hell of a lot of money (think small house value) now generates...
  2. knighterrant

    School Finance Manager Interview

    I'm a governor at my local primary school where I've somehow become Chair of the Finance & Personnel Committee. (I probably landed that role because I know nothing about either!) The head and I will very soon be interviewing candidates for the post of Finance Manager at the school, but our...
  3. ecossebev

    Mercedes Product Manager ECP

    Anyone who has any queries regarding Mercedes parts at ECP, can contact the product manager at Wembley. His name is Steve McDermott and has over 15 years main dealer experience with Mercedes. He can be contacted on 0208 956 5058/ 07792 250744. Very helpful and knowledgable guy. Hope this helps...
  4. Spinal

    Workgroup Manager for OsX Utilities

    Long shot this time... I'm using Apples workgroup manager to handle our users and computer lists... Sadly, apple in all their projects didn't include batch/tab-delimited file includes! Hence, to make up, I've found "Processor" (on versiontracker) which handles adding batch users quite...
  5. mobeyone

    A chelsea manager, Northwest and a MB..

    My brother was at uni and happened to be passing a nearby MB garage when there was a lot commotion.. A certain Mr Mourinio and a lovely looking CL:cool: Edited - schoolboy error.
  6. blackscooby

    DC UK Service Manager contact required

    Folks, Sorry to post in General, but I could do with some contact details for DC UK Customer Services or Service Manager. Background. My C32 has been a total disaster since I bought it back on the 1st Sept. Intercooler Pump failure (incorrectly diagnosed until 4th visit), now it's using...
  7. Kinky

    Be a Rock Star Manager

    Online and VERY addictive game :rock: Suffice to say - Kinky Hippos on Heat are going to ROCK the World :rock: Warning: addictive. Rock Star Manager K
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