1. ACID

    Mecedes Cls55 Amg

    Mercedes Cls55 Amg in for an x-pipe system @torqueflowexhausts and then passed To us for a 77mm pulley map and tune. Stock: 418 Whp 493 Bhp 469 Wtq 553 lb/ft Tuned: 456 Whp 538 Bhp 540 Wtq 637 lb/ft For more info please call us on 0121 7724455 or inbox us on fb. #mslperformance...
  2. tcb180

    Mecedes Benz Oil

    Just bought 10 litres of engine oil from the well known ebay seller. I'm only 9miles away but free delivery happy days. Just to confirm they are a Mercedes Franchise and the oil is delivered with a typical Mercedes Invoice. I'm well pleased anyway.
  3. B

    Mecedes SLK350 R171

    Hi club mates, I am being frustrated in trying to find genuine Mercedes moulded rear mud flaps for my SLK R171. Merc garage say they are not available, but I have found some on an American web site, only problem they show a photograph with them fitted and there is an absence of the plastic...
  4. U

    This supplier is good for Mecedes Parts
  5. eddie_E

    420 SEL, mecedes (spelling!) - poss bargain

    420 SEL spelt wrong and in the wrong section, will anybody find it? Someone's gonna be a winner :bannana:
  6. reflexboy

    Mecedes Benz World-Opening Summer 2006

    Just seen this guys: Cant wait :bannana:
  7. Sp!ke

    Mecedes ATX tower case anyone?

    At least its not silver ;)
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