1. timskemp

    More sad news - Mick Karn

  2. Gollom

    Remember Mick Miller?

    The Comedians? He's on at the Frog and Bucket in Manchester tonight - got a couple of tickets so off to see him (and others) with Mrs. Gollom. I like the Frog & Bucket. IMHO it's The Comedy Store without the airs and graces!!! Anybody else going?
  3. scotth_uk

    Mick Doohan - CL65

    Was on the phone to my step dad back in MB Australia this morning and he told me that Mick Doohan's new car had arrived - the mightly CL65. Obviously all of the staff are excited about the car, as the price of the beast is a little prohibitive in Australia, so they are rarely seen...
  4. Santa

    Taking the mick out of me?

    I don't this at all funny. www.gloeckner-nbg.de/spiel/weihnachtsmann.htm ok ok, maybe a little bit funny. Santa
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