1. C

    Someone hit me from the back , tail light misaligned.

    Hi, Someone went into the back of me when I was in stationary traffic a few days ago. After washing the car today I noticed that the rear tail light has unclipped itselt from the bumber as the tabs are visible. Is this a easy fix or do I have to take into the dealers to get it repaired? I...
  2. kristianbrownn

    Mercedes w204 boot misaligned

    So basically I moved house and filled my car up with a few bits, then after I moved I had noticed that the boot lid is not straight anymore! It sits up at one side more than the other :confused: I'm pretty sure that was the cause but iv looked at everything and nothing seems to be bent or...
  3. S

    SLK passenger door window mis-aligned

    My pre-facelift 99 SLK230K now has a continual problem with the window in the passenger door always staying outside the rubber seal when the passenger closes the door. If the window is lowered slightly first and then raised again afterwards then it's fine. Is this unusual, and is it a major...
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