1. D

    17 Staggered Monoblocks and 18 non-staggered monoblocks

    Please see both my ebay links below : 4 x 17 staggered monoblocks with stretched tyres 17" Mercedes C43 AMG Staggered Wheels 5x112 t4 t5 vw audi seat TYRES INCLUDED | eBay (will keep tyres if not needed) Also they were bought this colour but ive decided to fit my brabus wheels...
  2. horgantrevor

    Wanted 18inch monoblocks staggered

    Hi guys I'm looking for a set of 18 inch staggered alloys mono blocks Cash waiting Thx
  3. D

    AMG Monoblocks 17s and 18s for Sale

    two sets of my wheels for sale: 4 x 18" AMG Monoblock Genuine non-staggered 8" wheels & tyres 5x112 225/40/18 | eBay 17" Mercedes C43 AMG Staggered Wheels 5x112 | eBay Looking for 19 monoblocks for my W140
  4. S

    W202 C230 Kompressor with 18" Genuine Monoblocks

    Mercedes-Benz C230 Kompressor Sport Auto Pre-Facelift Metallic Blue/Black Black leather interior Mot June 2017 125k Highlights: Solid body and underside. Nice interior. Engine and gearbox are smooth, no funny noises, pulls well and the kompressor sounds great. Genuine 18" E55...
  5. Palmer

    Amg Monoblocks tyre sizes

    Picked up some bargain AMG monoblocks. Im not into stretch tyres, they are going on the Superturbodiesel. What tyre sizes do i need? Staggered fitment: 18x9j and 18x8j
  6. J

    18" AMG Monoblocks 8J all round

    Recently refurbished by FAwheels Matt Black Location North West London Email for Pictures £500
  7. C

    Genuin ML 19inch Brabus MonoBlocks VI

    For sale Genuine Mercedes ML 19inch Brabus Monoblock VI 2pcs Alloys. All 4 wheels are 9.5j wide and ET45. Each wheel has minor curb rash but nothing serious no crack or plat spots. Very rare wheel to find. Will fit other Mercedes models but please check !! Price is £1000 inc...
  8. S

    Monoblocks help please

    Hello everyone New member Need some help I have some Intra Monoblocks 2 18 x 8j ET 41 225.40.18 I bought these for my c124 But I'm told they won't fit Can someone tell me what car they are supposed to be for?? Thanks in advance
  9. S

    Intra monoblocks

    Once again forgive me if this is the wring section As I'm new an this site is really hard to use I have some 18x8j et41 intra brand They are really heavy.... IS this normal ???? Will they fit my c124 e320 coupe?? Thanks Before anyone says this has been answered I...
  10. S

    Intra monoblocks

    Once again forgive me if this is the wring section As I'm new an this site is really hard to use I have some 18x8j et41 INTRA Will they fit my c124 e320 coupe?? WHEELS ARE REALLY HEAVY....IS THIS NORMAL? Thanks
  11. waisal

    Wanted 18 AMG Monoblocks

    Hello Looking for a good set (no welds or buckles) of 18 inch staggered genuine AMG Monoblocks to fit to my C43 AMG at a decent price Most seem to be going at around £400 on ebay ideally looking to pay less than this 18'' 5x112 8J ET31 front 18" 5x112 9J ET 35 rear Willing to travel to...
  12. J

    SWAP/SELL AMG 8.5x18" 22 Spoke for BRABUS Monoblocks

    I have a set of these, all the same condition, unmarked, would like to SWAP/SELL/PX for Brabus 18/19 Monoblocks if possible. London Based. Jet
  13. Gurd63

    Genuine staggered 19" AMG monoblocks, rare!

    Ok so for sale are my set of genuine 19" amg monoblocks. As far as I am aware they are off a W140 S class. The wheel specs are : 8.5j x 19 ET46 (fronts) 9.5j x 19 ET46 (rears) Part numbers HWA 140 400 09 02 HWA 140 400 11 02 AMG Germany stamped on the back of all wheels...
  14. IRISH E55

    W210 e55 monoblocks

    Hi lads & lasses just curious if anyone has any original pics of genuine monoblocks and if the lip is polished, diamond cut or other finish!!! I think mine have been "refurbed" but not done properly so I'd like to get them back to their former gloryTHANKS YALL
  15. ringway

    18" AMG Monoblocks with a difference.

    Well, there must be something wrong with me because I sort of like 'em. For those of you who like Spot the Difference competitions, here's your chance to show your skills, unless I'm imagining something? LINK.
  16. poormansporsche

    WTD Mint Prefacelift C280 M104 Wagon,Azzurite,C36 Kit,Monoblocks,AMG Exhaust & Spats!

    Must be rust free and low mileage ! If you have one let me know - top money paid . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pretty specific I know but the car does actually exsist as ive seen it ! Its driven by a couple of old biddies you never know they may be members on here or someone...
  17. B

    1997 E320 monoblocks

    Hello folks this is a strange one. But i had a 1997 E320 petol with 18" monoblocks. I have since sold the wheels but would like to know if the wheels would have been all 8j or staggered 8j front 9j rear?
  18. shaze30

    17" W202 C43 AMG Monoblocks staggered

    A set of 4 staggered amg alloys Came off my C43 AMG I think 1 wheel had a crack which was welded and never lost air again Tyres are all good Will upload pics tomorrow when i get to my workshop Price-£300
  19. butler23

    3 18" x 8.5j mercedes monoblocks

    [/IMG [/IMG]] I have 3 18" x 8.5j et 35 5x112 mercedes monblocks for sale I do have the 4th but its knackered! Other 3 in really good condition. £40 each or £100 if all gone together! Located in Teeside 07474332217
  20. yuriboy

    18"Amg monoblocks

    i have a set of 4 18" amg monoblock alloys for sale , just been freshly refurbed ?powder coated . sold my w210 so dont need them anymore ,, i will take a decent offer on them and they are to be collected from BIRMINGHAM .. call me on 07729077177 for any more info thanks yuri..
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