1. Godot

    MP3s of The Man

    Stevie Ray Vaughan MP3s – SRV MP3s MP3 Vince's SRV Page - Stevie Ray Vaughan MP3s - SRV MP3s MP3 :bannana:
  2. R

    MP3s, Hifi, Archos and stuff!

    I currently have an Archos AV400 which has 20GB of music on it and which I connect to Comand by the Aux in. This arrangement works well although obviously you still control the music from the Archos not comand. When at home, I have recently taken to wiring my Archos to my Bose Companion 3...
  3. prprandall51

    Linguatronic and MP3s

    Does anyone with Linguatronic (or knowledge of it) know if you can control the playing of MP3s using it? I have Linguatronic but the system doesn't appear to have a command (that I can find in the documentation or by saying things to the system) to select the MP3 function or to navigate...
  4. R

    Audio 20 and MP3s again!!

    Am I right in thinking that my Audio 20 and CD Changer cannot be made to play MP3 discs and display the track titles-it really annoys me! I've got an Archos wired to my aux in but I want track titles!!! Any comments or experience welcome.
  5. shearder

    Can the APS30 Play MP3s

    Hi again Can the APS 30 play MP3s. Our dealer here just don't know or are waiting for me to open my wallet before they tell me it can or can't be done. Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. shearder

    Audio 30 and MP3s

    Hi all another (stupid) question... Can the Audio 30, in a 2003 Merc, play MP3s or be upgraded to play MP3s? Thanks. :D
  7. shearder

    APS 30 upgrade? Play MP3s?

    Hi All A Quick and, possibly, stupid question: :confused: Can the APS 30 Radio/NAV be updated to enable MP3 playback? :rock: Thanks.
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