1. The _Don

    Lamborghini murcielago bows out after 4099 cars

    PistonHeads Headlines
  2. karl.w

    Techart 997 Turbo, Murcielago + 200mph = ?

    Teachart Porsche. Here's how it looked before the accident..
  3. Maff

    Lamborghini Murcielago v CL65 AMG

    :D :D :D Took the car up the car wash just now, and as I was waiting to pull out a Lamborghini Murcielago shoots past me. Would you beleive it, he takes the same turning as I do, which just happens to be a 3 mile straight road followed by some bends, followed by another 2 mile straight...
  4. A

    Dutch style: Murcielago and Enzo on public roads... Quite how these two guys managed to get their hands on a Murcielago and an Enzo is beyond me, but I want the Lambo! NOTE: The file is 153 MB...
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