1. grober

    MURRAY v BUBLIK now on!

    Wimbledon 2017: Andy Murray, Johanna Konta, Rafael Nadal, Simona Halep - BBC Sport
  2. WDB124066

    Footrot Flats creator Murray Ball dies

    A farming icon - always had me in a chuckle... Footrot Flats creator Murray Ball dies
  3. grober

    FI Gordon Murray designs the first flat pack truck

    FI Gordon Murray designs the first flat pack truck for third word countries --- the OX. Excellent illustration of less is more. F1 engineer makes 'first flat-pack truck' - BBC News Can this flat-pack truck save the world? | Top Gear reminds me a bit of the go anywhere Steyr Puch...
  4. Happytalk73

    Andy Murray.

    Looking forward to willing Andy on today in search for his 2nd Wimbledon championship. Good Luck Andy. :thumb: Ant.
  5. grober

    Murray Walker

    The man synonymous with F1 for generations of enthusiasts Murray Walker has just announced he is too frail to attend the BrItish Grand Prix at Silverstone this year. Has recorded a piece for Channel 4's programme tho. Murray Walker makes heartbreaking admission that he is 'too frail' to...
  6. Druk

    Andy Murray

    With apologies to Private Eye magazine... So farewell Andy Murray You were gubbed by your best pal with your ogre of a mother watching on. Not for another year will we have to suffer your boring monotone. And whatever will the gigglepuss BBC weather girl have to talk about now? You...
  7. R


    Serving for the championship.
  8. E

    Andy Murray...

    ...destroying Federer, now.
  9. Benzmanc

    Murray through

    To the Wimbledon final, first Brit to make it since 1938. No doubt he will be destroyed by Federer and when he loses he will become a scot and not a Brit. Oh well there's always next year. Above should be taken with tongue in cheek
  10. grober

    Andy Murray v Novak Djokovic: live

    Bbc2 now.
  11. Benzowner

    Andy Murray

    A few days have passed and a cleaner at the Stretford end found Andy Murray. What are you doing here? asked the cleaner. Waiting for the next set replied Andy:D:D
  12. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday Chris Murray

    Have a great day!! :thumb:
  13. AANDYY

    Murray Walker: Life in the Fast Lane. Tonight BBC2 19.00

    BBC - BBC Two Programmes - Murray Walker: Life in the Fast Lane :thumb::thumb:
  14. L

    Andy Murray

    Fair play to Andy Murray, he really asked some questions of Nadal today. Such as, "Are you much better at tennis than me?" To which Nadal answered, "Yes. Yes I am."
  15. oldcro

    Andy Murray

    Sorry for our error but it has just been proven that Andy Murray is in fact not English and there are doubts that he is even British. These facts may be reviewed should he reach the mens finals in a future Wimbledon competition. The National Press, Radio and Television Association of England.;)
  16. bpsorrel

    A question for Chris Murray :)

    Chris, can you confirm if this wheel from alloywheelsdirect would be OK for a S211 (currently with 16" Ruchas)? Mercedes alloy wheels - genuine new 18" Mercedes 5 Spoke And, one more thing, on this wheel Mercedes alloy wheels - genuine new 17" Mercedes Rucha The tyre options come up as 16"...
  17. trando

    Murray vs the Swiss bloke

    Anyone watching the tennis by any chance??? I'm not a huge tennis fan but I have to say that I'm gripped... The roof looks cool too... Is there aircon in there otherwise you would think it would be like one big greenhouse...
  18. GRAV888

    Happy birthday Murray Systems

    Have a great day Chris and keep up the good advice on the forum.:rock:
  19. jaymanek

    Big Thanks to Murray Systems

    Just spent ages on the phone to Murray Systems on a saturday night, he has not only found me the centre caps ive been after for ages (due to my ignorance of the german language) but he may also have sorted my wheel balancing issue... Chris really knows his stuff, so if anyone wants wheels...
  20. R

    Murray Walker to Return!

    ...but only for one race. He's filling in whilst the regular Radio 5 commentator attends the birth of his child. TV pictures and radio commentary anyone? :)
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