1. C

    Quick ncd query

    I pick up my E63 Estate (a little bit excited!!) this afternoon and just in process of sorting insurance. I currently have 15yrs ncd and when on comparethemarket the quote is coming out the same price if I tell them only have 10yrs ncd. If I take the insurance out using 10yrs ncd does this...
  2. D

    No Claims

    Here we go, now playing No Claims Discount/Bonus with my new insurer, I've not had an accident for 30 years and I don't know where my "Proof of NCD" is or how I find it, the insurance companies share information but when they want to rip you off they have a very short memory.......
  3. W

    Multicar insurance policy with shared NCD

    Does anyone know of a multicar insurance policy where NCD can be shared amongst the cars? I’ve tried Admiral and Direct Line, but both require separate NCD for each car. Obviously the discount they offer for just the multicar aspect (10-20%) is significantly less than the 7 years NCD I...
  4. crockers

    Protected NCD

    I read on here people saying they are making a claim and it won't affect their protected NCB. Let's put this right Firstly it's a Discount not a Bonus. Secondly a claim (if unrecoverable) WILL affect your renewal. For example. Let's say your annual premium is £1000 and you have a 60%...
  5. GrahamC230K

    Second car and Insurance NCD

    I found something out today that pleasantly suprised me so thought I would share. I had always thought that No Claims Discount can only be applied to one car. As in you buy a second car in addition, you have to start another NCD for that vehicle. Well, that may be true but Elephant are...
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