1. A

    Injector seal leaking nearest to the bulkhead

    Hello I have a 55 plate 270 clk cdi & the injector nearest to the bulkhead is leaking which I presume will be the copper washer that needs replacing. I am wondering if there are any problems I may come across when changing the copper washer? It has not been leaking for very long so there is not...
  2. Felstmiester

    Saturday parking nearest to Hyde park London

    Me and the wife are taking kids to winter wonderland tomorrow. Going to drive up. Is it worth me booking in a ncp or q park tonight or is there plenty of parking around that area on a sat? Nearest and cheapest is around £36 for the day. Thanks.
  3. franey


    Customer on the phone now wanting specialist near Lancaster, Any ideas anyone?
  4. SilverSaloon

    27mm socket - what is nearest size in imperial measurements?

    Hi I've got to get a 27mm socket. Anyone know whats the socket size in imperial measurement? thanks derek
  5. R

    MB specialist nearest to Sherborne, West Dorset

    Who would be the nearest MB specialist to Sherborne in West Dorset? I urgently need to buy either a late model 190 or an early C class - Details as follows: Saloon, Manual trans, mileage below 100K, not a Cosworth, FSH. Have ready cash for the right car. Email
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