1. pammy

    Happy Birthday nickg

    Have a great day:bannana: :bannana:
  2. Alfie

    One for Nickg and his touareg!
  3. pammy

    Happy birthday nickg

    Have a super day;) :D
  4. nickg

    Good News Mr Nickg, we've found your car....... what TFL would have said if they had rung me up last Wednesday to tell my that they'd just photographed my stolen car in a bus lane at Staples Corner (NW London, 5 miles from my house). But instead, they decided to wait 5 days and then post me a penalty charge notice for £100 which...
  5. Howard

    for nickg ....... SL60 wind deflector

    not sure if your SL60 is a cabrio, but saw this and thought of you ...... LOL H
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