1. DanMorgan

    MERCEDES 19E EVO Replica Turbo with Nitrous

    MERCEDES 19E EVO Replica Turbo with Nitrous | eBay
  2. M

    using nitrous help

    Hi all this isy first mercedes I have a c200k avantgarde I've had nitrous on my last car and looking to fit it to this I've being told super charged engines do like it to get the temperature down but has any one used it on there's and what psi does the 2.0k make
  3. P

    Hi from a 300sl with Nitrous and a 190 2.516v

    Just a quick note to say Hi, I have owned my red with black leather 92 300 SL for ten years now, I have upgraded the brakes,Eibach-Bilstein's suspention,strut brace's,polished and ported skmmed the head with 3 angle valves,I have a rolling road printout without nitrous its putting out 240bhp at...
  4. 300CE

    MERCEDES E55 AMG AUTO - with Nitrous

    MERCEDES E55 AMG AUTO ..may px | eBay
  5. NW_Merc

    560 SEC with nitrous
  6. StuartB

    Nitrous Oxide......any good?

    Thinking of putting NOS in one of my cars. Has anyone tried it and if so was it the reliable, cheapish performance upgrade it is portrayed as being (assuming you don't use it loads and try for too much bhp)? PS: I watched to Too fast...too furious and it was poo and I am 36 so this is not a...
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