1. A

    iPhone notifications only have sound via Bluetooth not USB

    Bit of a strange one but my iPhone sound notifications (mail, text, cyclops speed camera alerts) will only work if the phone is connected via Bluetooth whilst playing music but not when I connect via the USB cable. When I'm not playing music on the phone, both methods, USB and Bluetooth will...
  2. Jocky

    Help from W/S 213 owners - traffic notifications

    Hi I am trying to get to the bottom of a number of issues with the latest COMAND release in the new E class, specifically around the LiveTraffic and traffic announcements. Could other 213 owners (doesn't matter if saloon or estate, though mine is an estate) let me know if a) when TA is...
  3. JimmyGrunt

    2013 - Audio 20 - Whatsapp Notifications?

    Hi all, I have a 63 plate C220 CDI with Audio 20 installed. Its a beautiful car i have to say :thumb: Firstly, i understand that you can read new text messages you receive once you have connected your phone to Bluetooth via Tel > SMS List and this has worked previously (not every time...
  4. Druk

    PM notifications now coming as spam?

    Just a heads-up peeps. It's never done this before but today I got two PM's but with no email notifications thereof. Checking my server spam folder there they were. :fail That's a new one after all these years :dk:
  5. B

    Phone notifications via Bluetooth

    Nerd Alert .... Car: C Class 2011 (edition 125) with command online I normally play music via the SD card on the dash. My Phone is normally connected via Bluetooth (current one is Nexus 5 with stock Android KitKat, but I have tried many) So when I receive a call, the music stops...
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