1. 350_Coupe

    C Class Coupe odds and sods + BT SAP units

    ok, due to a number of reasons, i have for sale a couple of Bluetooth adapters/cradles. I am now currently using a Genuine MB SAP v3 Cradle and am likely to be sticking with this one so these ones need to go ! These are all for the genuine MB UHI phone kit fitting which is usually located in...
  2. Stempies

    What are the odds??!!!

    Son-in-law had the misfortune to write off his Mitsubishi L200 a couple of weeks ago! First coincidence was that the passenger in the BMW happens to be an old family friend,thankfully he got out with only bruises!!:eek: Anyway he's looking for another now the insurance has...
  3. corned

    Audi cleans up at Le Mans against the odds.

    I guess by the number of posts on the subject on here, that Le Mans isn't a particularly well-followed race? I truly adore the whole event, right from first qualification, and have been there on many occasions. There is a rich sporting weekend this weekend, but the World Cup and Canadian GP...
  4. crockers

    What are the odds that MB will do this under warranty / goodwill ?

    In early November my glowplug warning light used to come on after starting and stay on for 2/10ths of a mile. Took the car in and they fixed it under manufacturers warranty. This warranty expired December 5th 2008. Today the same problem happened. What are the odds that MB will fix it...
  5. coupe deville

    Blackjack odds

    Hi guys going awol for a week and driving down to East midlands in the morning [ in the Focus ] to fly to Tenerife to join the cruise ship Destiny for a week around the Canaries, Madiera and Morroco. I will be frequenting the ships casino to win back the cost of the hol. I haven't gambled in a...
  6. idouglas@sandiw

    Paying Over The Odds

    I've recently spotted 2 auctions for front cup holder E320 W211. First sold for £46 plus £5.50 p&p, the second for £41.02 plus £7.50 p&p. Went down to my local dealership today and the same item was £30.00. Reckon I could do a roaring trade if nutters are prepared to pay £20.00 over the odds. do...
  7. mercmanuk

    odds for sale

    triton tdps200t thermostatic power shower,brand new sealed box,£220 wicks £100+postage xpelair cf20w low volt premier extractor fan ,brand new sealed £90,£40+postage xpelair cf20w premier extractor fan ,brand new sealed £90,£40 +postage seagate barracuda 250gb hard drive,7200...
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