1. H

    Same ole W03 probs - newbie help

    Hi to all and cheers for another good forum for helping fellow merc owners. Ive looked all over the forum and not surprisingly its a bit of a minefield diagnosing problem/s which can have different sources even tho the common fault can be the same. Ive just owned a c220 cdi 04 plate for 5 days...
  2. poormansporsche

    The Ole Girl surprised me a bit today :)

    Alright peeps, ive had my car for over 6 months now (prefacelift 202 C280) and ive never really given it any serious welly what with me now being a old fart. Anyway was waiting to turn right at a major crossroads today and just as I start to move off a car coming towards me decides to jump...
  3. R

    Good ole boys!

    http://www.StupidVideos.com/?VideoID=1161 the dukes are back in town!!
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