1. Grahamd

    connecting an Optimax trickle charger

    I don't use my W208 CLK much and I am considering connecting an Optimax trickle charger to the battery whilst the car is laid up in the garage for the winter. The charger was used previously on a motorcycle. Is this a good idea or is a semi-permanent connection to a charger not suitable?
  2. Kompressor_Dude

    Shell Optimax - Reduced Price

    The Shell Garage by me in Southampton (on Thomas Lewis Way) is selling Optimax at the price of regular fuel today, still 93p but worth it for a tank full! Anyone else notice this happening locally? Only just got told so im off there now to fill up :)
  3. Maff

    Shell Optimax 'Driving' Competition

    Has anyone else been collecting the cards for the Shell Optimax dream cars competition? I've been filling up more than often, and got most of the 24 card now, just a few short :rolleyes: Have to keep filling up by £10 each time! Anyone else got a good collection of cards?
  4. C240Sport97

    BP Ultimate and Shell Optimax

    Do people use these premium fuels? They are about 6p per litre more than normal unleaded and about 8p per litre more when compared to Tesco normal unleaded. Is it worth it? I put it in the car tonight and really can't say I noticed any real difference.
  5. SilverSaloon


    hi anyone used optimax in the 3.2 V6 Mercedes engines (mine is a 1999 model).... i used it in a 2.0 mondeo and didnt notice much difference (if any), just wondering if anyone has experience with it on the merc engines?
  6. V

    Shall Optimax

    Question; Am I being a mug if I purchase Shell Optimax instead of normal unleaded? I've read the marketing blurb on Shell Optimax and it seems pretty convincing...........can anybody make the case for Shell Optimax?.....does it increase MPG? Go on convince me!!!! Cheers Vlad
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