1. Palfrem

    Oh no! We're all doomed again. Daily Mail article so don't panic....

    Will the world end in 2032? Ukrainian astronomers discover massive asteroid that could hit the earth with the power of 2,500 nuclear bombs | Mail Online I just love this stuff. Better odds than winning the lottery though.
  2. The _Don

    New mot regs - do you need to panic?

    PistonHeads Headlines - New MOT regs - Do you need to panic?
  3. S

    Dealer arrogance or panic?

    Just passed my local MB dealership and saw a notice propped up outside. The notice is in banner format and purports to show what can only be described as a "back street garage" with the following "advice" printed underneath the picture. "THEY MAY CHARGE HALF PRICE FOR LABOUR BUT MAY TAKE TWICE...
  4. dog68

    Panic Attacks.

    Anyone else suffer the same? i dont seem to be able to go anywhere lately. :(
  5. cpw1958

    Panic roof stuck down

    Just what i needed.put the roof down on my clk w208 1999 to make cleaning the interior easier and now the rascal(thats polite)is stuck down. I'm on my own today and trying to pull the thing up alone is unreal.Is there a valve to release the hydraulics to give me half a chance.Cheers Chris
  6. W

    dont panic !!! wonky has arrived

    :bannana: hello I'm a newbie today, so greetings to one and all :) in the stable is wifies MX5, my caterham and the merc220, order has been placed for a new E250 to be collected from Germanland in early march :p, hoping to do a few miles before returning it to the dealer for the summer for...
  7. M

    W202 17x7.0J rims... in a bit of a panic!

    Hi, I've purchased a set of alloys for W202 1999 C250 Turbodiesel. They are 17x7.0J. I am now a little unsure whether they or the tyres I have now bought will fit... please could somebody put my mind at ease? I have read on a site (which I cannot find now) that 17x7.0J wheels will fit a...
  8. pammy

    Is this spam or should I panic!

    I have just received the following email: There is a zip file attached. I have no idea what it's about. For the past two nights at 17.10 my mobile has rung showing "number witheld" but as soon as I answer it it disconnects. I don't know if this is coincidence or if the events are related...
  9. agriff

    Should I panic

    Sitting in traffic and all of a sudden the ABS, ESP and BAC lights come on, with a constantly rotating message for each saying visit workshop. There is no noticable difference in the drive of the car, so I'm wondering first of all what might have caused it and secondly is it safe to drive. Any...
  10. Rob77

    Leaking diesel pump panic!

    My 250 D (W124) has had a diesel leak from somewhere in the engine bay since as long as I've had the car (about 4 months). The obvious fixes, such as replacing the leak off hoses and injector seals didn't cure the problem but it never really worried me until now. The car went in for its MOT...
  11. mark.t

    Don't panic mr mannering

    Fire preparations at the Buncefield site "were exact and worked very well", Hertfordshire's fire chief has said. Responding to union claims firefighters were "woefully prepared" for the depot blaze, Roy Wilsher said crews trained a the site six times in the past year. I find it hard to...
  12. T

    Panic At Asda Tonight

    Just got back,God iam glad i got home,......Before i mention what happened, make sure you don't make the same mistake. Here goes - parked at the parking bay, mrs went in for the shopping,leaving me and son (asleep),and iam totally knackered.About half hour later she got back with the...
  13. Rob77

    Leaking 250D windscreen panic!

    Anyone reading the general section may have seen I've collected a '94 W124 (I think) 250D. The seller never mentioned the leaking windscreen seal and of course I never noticed it. It was sunny when viewing but the heavens opened on the way home and so it was easy to spot. the glass doesn't...
  14. M

    Panic Mode

    I just bought a C180 1996 mode with no service history, It is very clean 46k on the clock, Is this a problem guys Thanks
  15. weebobster

    Dont Panic! Weebobster's Back xxx

    Hi All! In case anybody was fretting at my lack of posting or distraught as to my whereabouts, never fear cuz weebobsters here! I have been away for the last couple of weeks/months on business but now, its a case of... ...honey, im homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! So cheers up pammy, I...
  16. J

    Water Panic !

    Driving the car today i heard the sound of water dripping inside .. and true enough there was a liquid puddle in the front passenger footwell ! i felt, smelt and looked at the colour of the liquid and all the evidence is that its water, not coolant or anything else. Note that it had rained for...
  17. agriff


    Encouraged by how well various mods have gone I thought I would atempt to fix what I thought was a problem. How does it go? a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The accelerator pedal was moving from side to side and not just down & up like it should. No problem I thought I'll just whip off...
  18. simonl

    had a little panic attack this morning....

    got a bit of a fright driving to work this morning. driving out of town, the road goes from 30 to 40 but everyone's doing at least 40 well before the 40 sign. anyway, out the corner of my eye i see a couple of flashes, no-one else around, and my heart goes into overdrive. i'm sure you all...
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