1. developer

    Modded Cars - This One's A Peach

    Not a Merc, (well, except the brakes) but there's been some serious input on this Volvo. Very impressive engineering :thumb:. A Station Wagon Unlike Any Other | Speedhunters
  2. W

    Peach to Lemon ratio?

    Having now driven about 600 miles looking for my next car it's starting to become a little weary. I ask the usual questions over the phone, but when viewing the result is disappointment. The most recent was a car for sale at a main dealer where they 'only sell cars with full main dealer service...
  3. D

    Peach or lemon

    Heard of a website today called you can leave comments on your car and read what other owners have to say. Might be worth a look as there are a few Mrecs on there. Dave
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