1. MancMike

    Pitting and peeling lacquer on my red one

    Hi, As has been discussed before, red ones often have lacquer issues. Most report pitting and micro bubbles in the lacquer, but mine has this and also peeling lacquer where it's coming away from the paint, all over the car. I can't even sponge and water bucket wash the car anymore without...
  2. A

    how to get rid of pitting on alloys

    is there a way to polish out pitting on dished alloys?
  3. mobeyone


    I have just bought a piece of furniture which has pitting on the aluminium surface. Does anyone know if this can be treated at all?
  4. P

    C280 sport 'spitting!'

    I have a c280 sport on a 96 p plate and 114k on the clock. It has been regularly serviced but when up to temperature I am getting an occasional 'spitting' almost like a bag of hammers from the engine when accelerating away form hazards. This does not happen when cold and is intermittent. I...
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